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      Hangzhou Hao Feng Technology Co., Ltd. is a product R & D, manufacturing, sales and after sale service as one of the national high and new technology enterprises. Science and technology of new energy industry. Products are widely used in electric energy (wind power, solar photovoltaic power generation, hydropower, geothermal power, energy storage power generation, HVDC, Flexible HVDC, FACTS, SVC, SVG); intercity traffic (high speed train, locomotive, subway, light rail, electric cars); traditional industrial (high / medium frequency induction heating power supply, electric spot welding power supply, DC / AC frequency conversion, transmission, chemical / carbon / metallurgical electrolytic power supply, UPS); high and new technology industries (high power LED lamp, aerospace, navigation, laser, communication, robot) and other industries.
     The leading products of the company are radiator products of various types and related equipment. Including air cooling radiator, liquid cooling radiator, other specific radiator and cooling solution service. The company's products which belongs to the technical field of national key high-tech enterprise support. Belongs to the transportation optimization techniques in optimization of power grid operation and management of the hardware of new technology in power distribution system of high efficiency and energy saving technology of new energy and energy saving technology.

     Hao Feng Technology Based on technology research and development, take the customer demand as the guidance, to meet the domestic and international market as the goal, the realization of personalized technical services. The company closely combined with lead its device and process design advantages, has now entered the power transmission industry, the locomotive and the electric vehicle industry required the high-end market. At present the company's products sold in Germany, Canada, South Korea, American, Turkey and other developed countries and emerging market countries.