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Foreign media: the development of clean energy China challen
       In October 23rd, renewable resources Ltd. of biomass energy in Hubei Province branchGuanghui Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, workers with machines will slice of agricultural and forestry waste. This branch of the investment 28500000 yuan, built Enshi's first biomass solid forming fuel processing factory, wood waste, corn stalks, tobacco stalks and other agricultural and forestry waste as raw material, through            slicing, crushing, sieving,drying, granulation process, biomass pellet fuel can be made direct combustion. The biomass fuel particles carbonized per kg calorific value as high as 4800 to 5400000 card, combustion produces less pollution, is a kind of clean energy, not only solve the problem of pollution of direct combustion of agricultural and forestry waste, and create new economic value.

      China in controlling environmental pollution problems in the ongoing new attempt. Someforeign media analysis, China realized, must reduce dependence on coal, increasing the use of renewable energy; to the power industry reform will help to enhance its competition,increase penalties for pollution, energy producer and distributor of the initiative to improve the use of clean energy.

    "Economist" in October 25th (ahead of publication) reported that, in the past 30 years, the achievements made in China attract people's attention economy, international position andthe people's living standards. But some key industries China not to open markets, power is one of them. Due to the energy demand is more and more difficult to meet the increasing pressure, and environmental governance, reform has be imperative.

      China realized, must reduce dependence on coal, increase the use of more expensiverenewable energy. In the construction of new power capacity last year, renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy accounted for more than fossil fuels and nuclear power for the first time.

      China needs to meet the city's population soared electricity demand, while maintaining stableoperation of the electric power industry. These two aspects Chinese are doing well, electriccontrol is rarely the case. But let the officials worry is, the city suffered "haze" V become more and more frequent, more and more people complain. China realized, its internationalreputation depends in part on emission reduction efforts, therefore, Chinese must quitreliance on coal.

      However, the reform process has been the power giant obstruction. The World Wide Fund for nature study and energy transformation are described, these enterprises hands with thetransmission and distribution and the majority of non renewable energy power, often resist all levels of supervision.

      A big problem is that China "dispatch" system. American non-governmental organization "International Electricity Regulatory assistance program" pointed out in the report, most countries have adopted the power scheduling is to minimize the cost (including environmentalcost). In Chinese Management Ordinance, also seems to encourage similar practices: grid operators should be a priority in efficient, environmentally friendly power supply. But the actual situation is, grid operators tend to help the coal power plant to recover the investmentcost.

      Therefore, wind and solar power producers find their plight is not limited to the high cost oftechnology. China most clean energy have been wasted. Such as wind power, even in recent years technical progress, but the national average disposable wind rate is still at about 10%.Between 2011 and 2013, the British the value has been below 2%.