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The fresh air machine idle capacity China year still million
       Chinese wind energy association data show, in 2012 China cumulative "wind power installed capacity" and "operation capacity" difference of 15000000 kilowatts, these wind turbine has been installed but not grid connected power generation, this is "abandon wind powerabsolute". Since then the situation has   improved, but every idle waiting for the fresh air machine network is still in million kilowatt meter.

One of the important factors affecting the wind power production Chinese, is "abandon windpower brownouts", namely wind conditions suitable, fan can be normal operation, but can notfeed into the grid power.

       Fan network also generally encountered "abandon wind power", not full power. Wind power generation gap fluctuation, caused some difficulties for the traditional grid acceptancedistribution and peak shaving. Development of defect of wind power itself and the gridfacilities lag, is the important reason "abandon wind power". Power policy to follow the beaten track, unreasonable restrictions on the use of new energy source, but also worsened the"abandon wind power" of the situation.

"Another Zhao abandon wind power brownouts" because it is the layout problem. Chinaabundant wind energy resources in three north area, but the wind resources development and utilization of national land development and utilization of wind energy accounted for 79%,but the power demand is relatively weak in three North area.

       The rapid development of Chinese wind power over the past ten years, some projectsregardless of local power demand in the location and scale, where the grid distributiondifficulties, so that the wind farm into "abandon wind power brownouts" predicament. ChineseWind Energy Association figures show, 2011 East Mongolia, Jilin, Mengxi and Gansu wind energy rate as high as 23%, 20%, 18% and 17%.

       Chinese government is a multi pronged measures: including the UHV line erecting a plurality of long distance transmission, allowing the wind power into the heating and hydrogen production and other fields, and the optimization of the layout of wind power development.

       The National Energy Bureau deputy director general Shi Lishan of new energy and renewable energy department said, in 2014 the National Energy Bureau will be to promote the sustained and healthy development of wind power industry, "optimization of wind power developmentlayout, key tilt to eastern and southern, and actively promote the development of offshore wind power".

       China 2012 began issuing "abandon wind rate" data, in 2011 the national 10 abandon windmore provinces 584 wind farms for an average of 15%, in 2012 the national average disposable wind rate is 19.98%, 2013 11%. From these figures can be seen, "abandon windpower brownouts" problem in remission, measures gradually play a role in.