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traditional industrial cooling solution

The heat radiating unit product is a heat dissipating device sets the automatic control and energy saving in one, reducing communication cabinet and electronic component temperature through the air cooling way, to prolong the service life of the equipment andenhance the reliability of the equipment. At the same time, the product can automationintelligent self fault detection, in case of failure, high temperature, clogging and so on the condition, the system will automatically adjust or alarm.

The product also can be according to customer specific requirements to make the specialdesign, the maximum extent to meet the different needs of customers.

Compared with the traditional heat radiating unit equipment:

The tradition cooling equipment

Only a single radiating function.

The need for specific device specific installation, resulting in different installation equipment room is not universal, to increase the design cost.

Only with fixed parameter for heat dissipation, when environmental conditions change coolingequipment, can cause the heat dissipation capability of corresponding change, reduce orexcess, obvious inefficiency.

Communication protocols do not support, is not conducive to the management automation,unable to access customer monitoring system.

The heat radiating unit products

Various functions of heating, cooling, self fault detection are integrated, high degree of functional integration.

Size the use of standardized design, modular installation easy.

Support different types of communication protocol, convenient customer access monitoring system.

The heat dissipation and energy consumption can be adjusted automatically according to the change of environmental conditions than the use of equipment, so that the heat radiationefficiency maximization, to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

According to the special requirements of customers, integration of various functions, the maximum to meet customer requirements.